Its a hard place to describe

Topics: Education, Punjabi language, Deafblindness Pages: 5 (780 words) Published: November 20, 2014
It’s a hard place to describe in words. To make sense of the chaos, the people, the beauty, and the colour. To comprehend its assault on the senses – the spicy curry, the steaming chai, the rich spices, the perpetual crowds and the unending honks from vehicles weaving through the impossible traffic. After visiting India, National Geographic’s Keith Bellows once said, “It was as if all my life I had been seeing the world in black and white and, when brought face-to-face with India, experienced everything re-rendered in brilliant technicolor.” India is undeniably incredible, with all of its remarkable sights, overwhelming sounds, and delectable cuisine. But like most places, it’s the people that keep you coming back. Last year, a group from Operation Groundswell went backpacking in India and visited the Patiala School for the Deaf and Blind for two days. This year, we are staying for two weeks. The school has been providing free education and housing for deaf, blind, and deaf blind students for over 45 years. Denied government funding and grants, the school relies heavily on the generosity of its donors. Patiala.jpg ¬

Operation Groundswell with the Patiala School for Deaf and Blind The school aims to transform its students both personally and professionally, by empowering deaf and blind children to realize personal independence, economic self-reliance and social inclusion. By providing an education to children who wouldn’t normally receive one in India, it is giving students a chance to develop their capacity to reach an optimum level of active participation as an effective and meaningful citizen of India. Our Operation Groundswell team will be learning sign language to interact with the students, teach lessons, and engage in art projects. We will be going on a field trip with the students to a science museum and to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Deaf and blind children learn using their senses, and so will we. Another world awaits, care to join? from facebook

Patiala School for the Deaf, Patiala School for the Blind Patiala School for DeafBlind Provide free residential education to 195 students. Out of these 170 stay in the Hostel. The School is now 45 years old. Description

"Helping hands are better than Lips that Pray"


Society for Welfare of The Handicapped Regd, Managing Patiala School for The Deaf and Patiala School for The Blind was established in 1967 to provide education to Deaf and Blind children. Since then the Society is Managing Patiala School for The Deaf and Patiala School for The Blind. Patiala School for the DeafBlind was founded in 2011. There is no fee and we are providing free, Education, hostel, uniforms, books and stationery to the students. The blind school is from Class I to class XII.

The deaf school is from Class I to Class X.
This school is also residential and Co- Educational.
At present we have 125 Children in the Deaf school and 45 in the Blind school. Of these 140 are staying in the hostel.


Empower Deaf and Blind children to develop their capacity to the best of their ability to reach an optimum level of active participation as an effective and meaningful citizen of India and to fulfill all its obligations as an individual. This transformation is aimed both personally and professionally.


Good infrastructure exists on ground.

Overwhelming support from DONORS and General Public and local administration. Developed from a humble beginning to a most modern residential school for DEAF and BLIND children. NO GOVT GRANTS ARE AVAILABLE. Though we keep on submitting the application for grant to the concerned Govt Departments from time to time.

New Complex is spread in 3 acres of own prime land with assets worth Rs. 5 Crore without any Govt grant or aid what so ever. Since 1967 Institutions are running only on Donations from public.

Recognised by Government of India and Government of Punjab State. Registered under The Persons With...
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