IT 286 Week 4 Assignment

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Collaborative Troubleshooting Operating Systems

Working in a technical support role requires someone who is both adept with technology and who also has the necessary customer service skills that are required to work with people. Anytime a technical support person is presented with a problem they must know based on the description of the problem how to diagnose the issue. Without a wide understanding of PCs and the operating system being used that a technical support person would spend lots of wasted time trying to figure out the issue. A technician should know based on their computer knowledge certain types of problems are typically caused by certain components or software in the system. This knowledge will allow the technician to identify the issues the customer is having.

Scenario 1: You have begun a new technical support role in the IT department of a major manufacturing organization. Your first support call is from a client who is using Windows 7® and has encountered stability problems. Discuss the process you would undertake to identify his or her problem and the operating system tools you would use to do so.

The first step would be to determine the nature of the instability. There are many things that can lead to instability issues. But it’s a good thing that Microsoft has made this issue pretty simple to solve. There are plenty of steps you can take to avoid system instability. There are some simple steps we can take to troubleshoot and correct these issues.

Keep Windows Updated
Microsoft is constantly coming out with software updates for its operating systems, supporting programs, and various hardware drivers. Whether you run Windows XP or Windows 7, the one thing you can count on is Microsoft sending updates down the line on a regular basis — at least until the OS falls out of support. Keeping your operating system updated is paramount to long and healthy system operation. Windows is impacted by a nearly infinite number of possible issues that spring up as software and hardware engineers continue to refine their products. Each revision adds to the potential of a domino effect that may result in system failure. Keep Drivers Updated

Keeping your hardware drivers updated means doing more than just running Windows Update now and then. Sometimes, you need to get the update directly from the manufacturer’s website. It’s usually a good deal to make a list of the various hardware inside of your computer, and make check for new drivers on a monthly basis. Perform Regular Maintenance

In order to keep your system running like a champ, it’s a good idea to take a moment to perform regular maintenance beyond system and driver updates. Defragmenting your hard drive, cleaning unnecessary files out of temporary folders, and even cleaning the inside of your computer can make a big difference in performance and stability.

Only Use Software You Trust
Downloading programs off the Web because they promise to optimize your registry or free your system of spy ware that mean it harm can be a bad idea. The same can be said for pirated software, the best rule to abide by when considering downloading software is to only do so if you either recognize the brand, or the source.  Limit the Amount of Things You’re Running

Having too much going on at once can cause traffic jam as information races back and forth between your hard drive(s) and your processor(s). If your CPU is running close to capacity, you’ll probably find things a little less reliable than they would be if you just had one or two programs running. Stick to Tasks Your Hardware Can Handle

Perhaps one of the most obvious (yet often overlooked) causes of Windows failure is attempting to run programs that your system just can’t handle. Netbooks might be able to run Windows 7 just fine, but if you try to edit HD video or play a high-end first-person shooter, you’ll probably experience some system instability. (Pierson, R....
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