“It’s Alive!”….Maybe?

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Tammy Holley
Padgett, Tommy
ENC 1102
26th July 2011
“It’s Alive!”….Maybe?
The peculiar apartment resembles a normal inhabit where a person will live, with its brown wooden carved door from an oak tree and the golden-yellow door knob that shines brightly while the sun beams down, but with a closer look inside the wooden floors on the ground is rotted through with worms eating away at the very core. The secret hidden door on the same side of the tattered down bed, with the unwashed bed sheets visible to the eye. The mysterious gadgets and vials that appears to be contained with different colors, pink, and purple, even green getting sucked into an enormous liquid tube. The unimaginable stench that is hard to not turn away at the very whiff of the air circulating in the dark hub that is called a home. A young man with milky-white skin with long chestnut hair shrieking at the top of his vocal cords “It’s alive!” and a hideous creature that seems to be a man with stitches running along his disfigured body with red marks oozing out indicating of an infection. Feeling the sense to walk the creature takes its first step towards the maker, with its uneven albino legs limping through.

When thinking of zombies, the first idea that pops into one’s mind is the fact of a reanimated corpse that has been brought back to life and is in a brain-dead state of mind. There are most definitely stereotypes that come with being a zombie, already at the case of dim-witted is not enough, no there has to be some perks that come along with the title of zombie. The most notable is the fact that really anyone can be a zombie from a young girl in her early stage of eight to a senior citizen. As seen in George Romero’s Night of the living dead the zombies are also a pale albino color with weary dark circles under the dense looking casting of the eyes. Zombies are noted to have an unattainable thirst for human flesh, and have a horde that seems to regenerate uncontrollably one down a thousand more to go but it makes it more efficient to go in for the kill. David Crudge argues “Frankenstein is an entity that is resurrected to be a more dangerous and violent version of its former self, much likes today’s zombies.” Frankenstein is just the same as another zombie but with different intentions. Still with all this to be said where does Frankenstein fit into the genre of zombie movies, its does not have an unquenchable thirst for human blood; it’s more of a science created zombie. Jack Prague states ““Frankenstein" is portrayed in media as "mute and will-less". Of course not every "theatrical" zombie follows these rules. The point is that the zombie mythos is incredibly fluid and to exclude Frankenstein, also knocks other, more accepted, zombies out into the street as well.” Even though Frankenstein might not exude the typical zombie it set the definition for a new type of era the science zombie what makes Frankenstein one of the living dead is the sense of being resurrected from the grave. When Victor is looking for the perfect specimen for the experiment to recreate life, there is a search in the morgue to get the appropriate body piece. In another sense Frankenstein is feared and rejected by the fellow villagers just like the run of the mill zombie. Though, Frankenstein might not be the typical zombie definition, it does provide deeper themes and insights than any other zombie movie can give an audience; it tests the endurance one can take. Frankenstein is quite palpable to the taste and a movie that is worth my time to watch.

“Be warned” is the first insight there is a situation which will result in a destructive ending that appears with the movie poster of Kenneth Brangahs Frankenstein. The picture That is captured is the scene where Victor is hauling the new creation on the rusty-creaky brown stretcher into the thunderous lightning. There is a bright light shining down onto the creature which indicates the relationship to god and Victor....

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