issues that arise from shift work
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TOPIC: issues that arise from working shift work

Introduction Many jobs today work around the conventional time schedule, such as working 8am to 4pm. The human body comes built with a biological clock that keeps everything in sync. One may ask what a biological clock is. This paper will explore the effects that are caused by working shift work. Shift work can be defined as “a system of employment where an individual’s normal hours of work are, in part, outside the period of normal day working and may follow a different pattern in consecutive periods of weeks” (Dictionary,2009) . Working shift work may cause many negative effects in many aspects such as sleep, family and health. Studies by researchers from ‘The NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL of MEDICINE’ show that people who worked shift work had a higher amount of reported vehicle collisions. (Barger, Cade, Ayas, Cronin, Rosner, Speizer & Czeisler, 2005). With shift working having many issues it may make one re-think whether it is worth the toll it takes on the body. This paper explores all of the major issues that arise from working shift work. Major health effects from working shift work People that have worked shift work have reported issues such as psychological problems and sleep deprivation. In a study conducted by ‘Taylor& Francis Health Sciences’ they conducted a study with 3122 people who worked on a shift work schedule. The study concluded that there was a significant difference of issues when looking at their home situation, health, and job attitudes; in relation to someone who works a regular shift (Demerouti, Geurts, Bakker & Euwema, 2004). Studies show that many people who work shift rotation have experiences ‘Gastrointestinal disease’, this disease plays a large role on the stomach causing major discomfort. ‘Gastrointestinal disease’ is commonly seen with careers that require sitting for a long period of time (Knutsson, 2003). Research shows that many people who work shift work

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