Issues of Iranian Foreign Policy

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Issues of Iranian foreign policy
US-Iran relations
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With more than 70 million people, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the most populous countries in the Middle East. In addition to this large and talented human-resource pool, Iran possesses a variety of natural resources, most notably hydrocarbon deposits: the world’s second largest oil reserve (after Saudi Arabia) and the second largest deposit of natural gas (behind Russia). Iran enjoys a strategic location between the Middle East and Central Asia. In short, the Islamic Republic is too important a regional power to be neglected. In comparison, the United States is the world’s sole superpower with global economic and strategic interests. For more than half a decade America has been involved in two concurrent wars (Afghanistan beginning in October 2001 and Iraq since March 2003) on the eastern and western borders of Iran. Despite mutual interests and potentially resolvable points of contention between the world’s superpower and a major regional power, Washington and Tehran lack official diplomatic relations, pursuing their strategic futures separate from one another. Diplomatic relations were severed after Iranian students stormed the US Embassy in Tehran and held American diplomats hostage in November 1979. Since then suspicion and hostility have characterized relations between the two nations. This three-decade-long confrontation is fueled by three main charges against Iran—fostering nuclear proliferation, sponsoring terrorism, and obstructing the Arab-Israeli peace process. More recently, Tehran’s role in destabilizing Iraq has been added to the list. Iranian officials categorically deny these accusations.

USA-Iran relations after world war two
Until the Second World War the US had no interests or an active policy and relations remain cordial. In 1951, Prime Minister Muhammad Mussaddaq and his national front party national Jebhe Melli a socio democratic, liberal secular nationalist party in Iran nationalizes the country oil industry. In august in 1953, with the help and en-courgment of Britain the CIA orchestrates a successful coup from the American embassy in Tehran deposing the dramatically elected primemanister Mussadaq derailing Iran democracy. The shah of Iran (Muhammad Raza Shah Pehlvi) reinstalled. AT the hight of 1973 oil crises petro politics shakes the seemingly firm relations between the shah of Iran and the US. Despite American instance, the Shah refuses to bring down the price of oil in 1970s A policies he viewed to be in Iran interests. when most people trace the roots of US current grievance to the 1979 revolution and the hostage crises a more accurate assessment would be to link the genesis of souring relations and American resentment of Iranian government policies further back to the 1970s oil crises and the shah’s refusal to lower the prices of oil .complicating matters a new American strategy of Soviet influence in the Middle East and central Asian region. These frictions and emerging trends triggered the divisions in white house as senior officers in administration soon questioned if the privileged relationship with the shah and Iran should be maintained. America was slowly abandoning the shah well before 1979 revolution. A fervently anti-western Islamic government seized power in the chaos of revolution. The US received more than it bargained for and lost its traditional ally Iran, Saudi Arabia moved to fill the void replacing Iran as the American ally in the gulf.

Background on Relations since the 1979 Revolution
The Carter Administration sought a degree of engagement with the Islamic regime during 1979, but it agreed to allow in the ex-Shah for medical treatment and engaged some...
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