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(hatred against Islam)
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Growing up in Nigeria, a country with a mixed population of both Muslims and Christians, I was biased against the religion of Islam mostly due to the fact that I was raised in a Christian family. However, besides my religious background, I found much reason to question certain aspects of the Islamic religion- specifically the violence that it portrayed. I did recall of quite a few civil unrests that broke out back in my younger days, and these were mostly attributed to local Islamic fundamentalists who started what they believed in their interpretation was a "Jihad". Today the local news in my country is filled with reporting of daily killings of innocent and unarmed people by the terrorist group known as "Boko-Haram". They have killed so many people, including Muslims as well. I began to look at the situation from a different perspective in light of that. I began to wonder why any Muslim would kill another Muslim if they both shared the same faith. Much similar to what is currently going on now in the Middle East – with the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. I began to wonder IF EXTREMISM IS ACCEPTIBLE AMONGST ALL MUSLIMS? By believing in Islam, does that make someone automatically a Jihadist? If not, then what separates these Jihadists from the rest of the Muslim population? How can one draw a line within a religion simply based on the beliefs and practices alone? What makes a regular Muslim different if he or she claims not to share similar values with that of an extremist? Most of these questions were addressed in a recent televised broadcast on HBO, where "Real Time" host, Bill Maher engaged his guests in a heated debate over Islamic issues. Maher said on his show, “that liberals who he believes should champion liberal principles -- like freedom of speech and religion and equality for women and homosexuals -- are accused of being Islamophobic when they point out that these liberal principles...

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