IS3110 Unit 8 Lab

Topics: Business continuity planning / Pages: 2 (586 words) / Published: Jul 5th, 2015
Lab #8: Assignment Worksheet Develop an Outline for a Business Continuity Plan for an IT Infrastructure

1. How does a BCP help mitigate risk? BCPs help mitigate an organization’s risks by ensuring that the organization is better prepared for disaster.
2. What kind of risk does a BCP help mitigate? Organizational risk
3. If you have business liability insurance, asset replacement insurance, and natural disaster insurance, do you still need a BCP or DRP? Why or why not? Yes you still need BCP AND DRP. They are both critical to ensuring an organization’s business functions will be sustained during and after a significant disruption as well as processing critical applications in the event of a major hardware or software failure or destruction of facilities.
4. From your scenario and BIA from Lab #7, what were the mission critical business functions and operations you identified? Is this the focus of BCP? Network Management and technical support, DNS- for internal and external IP communication, Accounting and Finance support; Accounts payable, Accounts receivable.
5. What does a BIA help define for BCP? Maximum acceptable outage, Critical business functions, and Critical success factors.
6. Who should develop and participate in the BCP within an organization? BCP Program manager, BCP Coordinator, BCP Teams

7. Why does disaster planning and disaster recovery belong in a BCP? If a disaster occurs, the organization meets it with the benefit of forethought and planning thus the importance of including disaster planning and recovery within the BCP.
8. What is the purpose of having documented IT systems, application, and data recovery procedures and steps? Information stored and processed on IT systems is vulnerable to degradation, accidental or intentional corruption or deletion, hardware/software failures and natural or man-made disasters. Backup and recovery procedures and plans are essential to ensuring recovery of information and the ability to continue IT support

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