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Is the Internet the Best Resource?

By MCCSchool Apr 09, 2006 635 Words
"Is the Internet The Best Resource?"

Many may agree with me when I state that many people have become extremely dependent on the use of the Internet. The Internet holds most of the essential information that people use on a daily basis. Whether or not you think this is a good thing is all up to you. From finding out the weather a month before the day, to talking to someone half way across the world, many of us use the Internet for almost anything. I can't really disagree with the amount of time people spend using the Internet because I use it constantly and I really can't think of what I would do without it for even a day. The Internet is the best source for factual information. You can find out anything that you need to know. Finding out information for say a project in school is a very easy task. Before the Internet for the most and the best information you had to get up and go to the library. You had to look in books and encyclopedias as well as other sources that were in the library and in the library only. At the same time, even though many of us may think that the Internet is the best source for current information, there are many cases where the information that I collected ends up being inaccurate. That is something that many people look past because they think the technology of the Internet and how far it ahs come in our society over the years. Plus they don't realize that some people put false information on the Internet with such ease.

In a family home the Internet can be a very helpful source also. Children are able to use the computer for playing educational games and for looking up books or toys that may be of interests to them. The Internet gives them that independent feeling because they are able to access the games that they want to play very easily; which means the don't necessarily need their parents help. With the fact that children are able to access those things on the computer easily they are also able to access inappropriate information the same way. Many children don't mean to come across it but as easily as it is to search for a toy they can come up with that adult content. Many administrators of the Internet know of this problem so they provide programs and other ways to make sure that children are not able to casually stumble upon this information.

The Internet does not come free. Many people have to pay a lot of money for their Internet service; some more than others. For example, people pay a certain amount of money per month to be provided with Internet. Every Internet service comes with different resources. Some come with messenger, search engines, parental controls, and others do not. The Internet may also go along with your phone service. Some homes have a DSL set up where the internet is its one service and doesn't coincide with the phone line, whereas others have a dial up service which ties up the phone line and may cause and interference or inconvenience.

The Internet is the technology of the new world. Without it I cannot really imagine how some people with react. The fact that the Internet is so essential to everybody in some way or another is a main issue. Many people take advantage of the Internet and instead of doing things that they can do by themselves they use the Internet to handle any level of extreme. You can say that this is a statement that can support the fact that people are too dependent on the Internet at all costs.

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