Is the Internet Making Us Quick but Shallow?

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Samantha Clavel
English 05
October 5, 2011
Is The Internet Making Us Quick But Shallow?
Everyone now a days have so many ways of keeping in touch with their friends and family throughout every second of the day. Facebook and Twitter are now available to access through many smart phones and new portable electronics, so more and more people tweet or facebook someone while they are driving or even when they are at work instead of traditionally going on a computer in their home office. I personally agree with this article because, today’s society cannot go one day without going on their twitter or facebook that it has become more of an addiction than just a fun way to communicate with others. I will shamefully admit I am one of those people who go on facebook during class and cannot stop texting my friends throughout the day on my blackberry. A quote from this article that really stood out to me was something that our president Barack Obama said,“Information should be a source not of distraction, but of enlightenment.” I think a lot of people should relate to that quote because not all of the social media is bad, you can actually learn a lot from it if you use it the right way. There are a lot of software programs you can use to help build the education of child without worrying about your kid being on the computer for large amounts of time. And there is a thing called parental control where parents can block what they don’t want their children to see or do on the computer or even on a tv. There will be a day when Facebook and Twitter are no longer are as popular as they are, and everyone will just laugh about how much time they wasted revolving their world around them, missing out on the new things the world has to offer
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