Is Shakespeare trying to say that women have more power than men

Topics: William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Hamlet Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: December 18, 2014
Counter Argument
Is Shakespeare trying to say that women have more power than men? No because in both plays Shakespeare’s portrays women as people who are weaker and inferior to their counterparts.

“No, my good lord, as you did command, I did repel his fetters and denied his access to me.” Act 2 scenes 1

Ophelia is telling Polonius that she did what he told her to. She is going to stop talking to Hamlet because her dad believes that Hamlet only wants to use her.

William Shakespeare is showing how Ophelia is being control by her father through the story. By portraying Ophelia as someone who can’t stand up for their own desires, the author reveals his perspective on women. Through this portrayal, Shakespeare is describing woman as being weak, incompetent, and ultimately inferior.

He is dead and gone,lady,
He is dead and gone;
At his head a grass-green turf,
At his heels a stone. Act 4 scene 5
Ophelia is singing of her father’s death, that he is dead and gone. Analysis: Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”, deals with different characters. One character, Ophelia, is going insane because her father dead. In her madness, Ophelia talks about how she does not want to be alive anymore because her father is gone. By this action the author demonstrates that women do not have the capacity of overcoming obstacles as men. Shakespeare wants the readers to understand that men have more control over women and that it’s easier for them to deal with difficult circumstances. Quote: Mactbeth: What is that noise? Seyton: It is the cry of women, my good lord.. The queen, my lord, is dead. Act 5 scene 5 Interpretation:Macbeth was asking about the noise, and Seyton told him that it was about a women crying, that women ended up being Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth killed herself. Analysis:
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