Is it moral to experiment on animals?

Topics: Nervous system, Suffering, Central nervous system Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Is it moral to experiment on animals?
Every day people are saved with medications resulting from testing done on between17 million and 22 million animals a year. Yet, controversy remains as to how crucial it is to continue using healthy animals for such tests. Although researchers have depended on animal testing for medical advances, there should be other ways of research because animal testing is inhumane and often unnecessary. Scientists have argued that it is impossible to know when an animal is suffering because they have no language. However, Ludwig Wittgenstein, an influential Austrian philosopher of the 20th century argued, "If someone is screaming, clutching a part of their body, moaning quietly, or apparently unable to function, especially when followed by an event that we believe would cause pain in ourselves, that is in large measure what it means to be in pain." Animals have a limited capacity to suffer because of the absence of a central nervous system. However, all animals have the right to be treated as valuable beings. Infecting animals with AIDS, noxious chemicals and radiation should not be tolerated.scientists should put equal effort into inventing new testing methods and save the animals. During this test, albino rabbits are restrained and chemicals are dropped into their eyes. Not only can the rabbits break their necks trying to escape from their restraints, but the chemicals can cause severe pain and blindness.Not only is makeup not important to society, using animals to test it is very unnecessary. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not require cosmetic companies to test on animals and companies like Avon and Mary Kay have eliminated animal testing on their products. The European Union has banned animal testing for all beauty and hygiene products. In my opinion, I think it is immoral to use animal for medical research. I strongly urge everyone to buy animal-friendly cosmetics and household products for the sake of ending animal...
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