IRA Tactics

Topics: Irish War of Independence, Irish Republican Army, Michael Collins Pages: 4 (1584 words) Published: February 3, 2014
Do you agree that it was the IRA’S tactics that brought the British government to the negotiating table? When looking at the sources L and M, there are many arguments and indications within them which support and suggest that the idea that it was the tactics of the IRA which led to the British government negotiating with Ireland. Source L for example, is the Soloheadbeg memorial which commemorates the ambush at Soloheadbeg on the 21st January 1919. Therefore it is referring to the murder of the two RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) officers by the IRA (Irish Republican Army) which occurred in Soloheadbeg on the 21st January 1919, it occurred as the IRA saw the RIC as representatives of the British Authority within Ireland even though most of the RIC were Catholics. This therefore was this event which led to the triggering of the Anglo-Irish War, or War of Independence as it is sometime referred to. However this source was published in 1950, 31 years after the actual ambush occurred therefore despite the benefit of hindsight it can be said that the source may not be accurate nor reliable since there is so many years between it and the actual event. The first line of the source is the saying “Where Tipperary lead all Ireland follows”, and that it is well “borne out” meaning that there was evidence and truth to support what happened within Soloheadbeg on the 21st January 1919 since it is a part of Tipperary. Tuesday 21st January 1919, was also the day that the Irish Parliament better known as “the first Dali Eireann unanimously adopted the Declaration of Irish Independence”, this meant that an independent Irish Republic had been established and the hopes for revolutions could be expressed. Therefore it can be said that since the Dali Eireann adopted the declaration of Irish independence due to the murders committed by the IRA, that this si one of the reasons why the British decided to step forward to the negotiation table. As this is evidence of just what the...
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