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Weslaco High School

Pete Hautman

Michaele Anyah Martinez
English 3
H. Hernandez
October 26, 2012

Michaele A. Martinez
H. Hernandez
English 3
26 October 2012

Madham is the self-built town. It’s a town made up of 22,400 matchsticks, it contains 109 buildings, all scratch built. There are two lakes, a football stadium, a cement plant, a hospital, two tunnels, a forest, and sixty feet of track. It has a population of 289 plastic people standing at less than half an inch tall, seventeen dogs, six cows, and eleven horses. Madham lies on 3 Ping-Pong tables and nearly fills the biggest room in the basement of a 17 year old boy who battles with his inner demons and his descent into insanity. Doug Hanson is a quiet kid, pretty much invisible, a “freak,” he gets beat up in school and the girl of his dreams calls him a worm. He tells his story in the novel Invisible, written by Pete Hautman, a novel that was named one of the best books for young adults of 2006 in America.

Doug is a junior at Fairview Central and has never skipped school. He has a 3.4 grade point average. He does not use drugs or alcohol. He has never been seriously ill. He has never broken a bone, lost a limb, or had an organ removed. He is scrupulously honest, except for necessary lies, and sleeps well at night. He says he is not a loner. He has a best friend. Doug admits he is not only disturbed with the existence of his self-built town, but completely obsessed. Other than the railroad built in Madham called the Madham Line being the most important thing in Hansons life, he also has a deep attachment to his best friend Andy Marrow. A guy like Andy might have more than one best friend being the popular football player in the school, but there are at least five kids at school who would probably claim him. But if anyone would ask Andy who his best friend is, he would say, “Dougie Hanson, of course.”

Andy and Doug grew up together, being next door neighbors....
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