Investment Banking

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Investment banking is a type of financial service that focuses on helping companies acquire funds and grow their portfolios. Much of this comes in the form of stock and bonds transfer, but investment capital and wholesale corporate acquisitions are also part of the equation. Bankers within this sector are usually highly trained, and are widely recognized as some of the most elite participants in the financial marketplace. They are often sought as much for their consulting and advising services as they are for actually executing transactions. Consulting Services

Investment bankers frequently give companies advice on mergers and acquisitions. They also track the market in order to help executive officers determine when to make public offerings and how best to manage public assets. Some of the consultative activities investment banking firms engage in overlap with those of private brokerages which often give buy-and-sell advice to the companies they represent. Investment banking is typically a much more nuanced service, but many of the basic strategies are the same. Transactions and Purchases

Most of the consultants and specialists working within investment bank firms are able to actually execute transactions on behalf of clients, as well. Many large companies simply want the advice, and will then make their own decisions in-house. Particularly for small businesses and companies without robust financial services divisions, however, hiring an outside consultant to manage investment decisions can make a lot of sense. AdChoices

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