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Investigatory Research Proposal:
How: (The effects of Toxic wastes on Aquatic Animals)
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The effects of Toxic wastes on Aquatic Animals
By observing the ocean, seas and bodies of water around us, we saw that many fish and aquatic animals were floating lifelessly in the waters. We have also watched news about fish kills. We want to know why and how. We want to save wild life. Seeing those dead aquatic animals, it’s such a waste of life. We want to know if toxic wastes from factories have anything to do with the death of aquatic animals. We also want to see if it will affect other species and when one is affected; it might spread quickly and cause an epidemic. When aquatic animals die, what will people eat if other animals were to be extinct too because of the epidemic that it will cause? Animals like cows, goats, and others will drink from the polluted waterways and they will be affected too. All others creatures will therefore be greatly affected. Maybe the main causes of the deaths are people’s activities like dynamite fishing, throwing of trash on bodies of water, oil spills from ships, and toxic chemicals from factories. Maybe the trash, oil spills and dirty toxic materials dumped in the water kills the sea creatures. Our objective is to know the effects of wastes to aquatic animals. We want to take part in saving the earth, in saving nature. The significance of this study is to save Mother Earth and to warn people that we should take action now! REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE

Moller (1997) studied the Nakhodka oil spill and suggested improvements with respect to shippers' perspective defining the role of industry in dealing with oil spill pollution. Dicks (1998) summarized impact of oil spills on different components of the marine environment as well as potential for natural recovery and manmade...
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