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Investigatory Project

By anakundeza Aug 11, 2013 1570 Words
i. Title
a. What purpose or purposes does the title serve?
* The title is all about “THE ODYSSEY’ and the purpose of this movie are for us to know what happened in the past Greek History. How they fight for their land and freedom same as with glory and fame. b. Suggest a possible title of your own.


ii. Point of view
a. What is the point of view? First person? Third person? Objective? Omniscient? * The point of view is that when Odysseus was far away from Ithaca his home, he doesn’t lose hope that he and his men will soon got home. The objective of the first person same as with the third person is just the same with Odysseus and their objective is for the readers to appreciate the things they want to impart such us being strong, smart, and full of hope. b. Does the point of view shift? If it does, why does it? If it doesn’t, how does it help hold the story together? * No. the point of view doesn’t shift but then it sticks to what’s being portrait that makes the story more inspiring and amazing. iii. Dramatic conflict

a. What is the basic conflict in the movie?
* The basic conflict is when Odysseus challenges Poseidon and that’s where the conflict starts. Poseidon got mad to Odysseus which makes their adventure harder and harder. b. What other kinds of conflict are found?

* One conflict also is when Odysseus with his men got stuck in an island wherein they cannot find food. Same as when they go under different circumstances like the cave of fire and etc. just to reach their way home. c. Is the conflict settled? How? What part of the movie shows this? * Yes the conflict was settled. The part of the movie that shows this part is when Odysseus survive the different circumstances given to him by the Gods Especially Poseidon the God of water he reach the point wherein he ask for forgiveness from Poseidon then Athena help him to enter the kingdom, for him to meet his family again.

iv. Theme
a. Is the theme directly stated in the movie? If so, what is it? * Yes. The theme was all about Odyssey.
b. Is the theme hinted at or suggested at some point in the movie? Where? What is it? * For me, it is when Odysseus reaches his town the Ithaca, where the hinted or some point of the movie can be found. c. Does the whole movie seem to suggest the theme? If so, what might the theme be? * Yes it does. The theme for me will be when Odysseus the only king of Ithaca. d. How do the dialogue, characterization, symbolism, title, etc. reflect the theme? * The dialogue was delivered beautifully by the characters and the symbols was clearly understood by the watchers the title at first seems quiet but then as you watch the movie it was amazing. v. Plot

a. Does the story progress steadily from the beginning, or does it open with some event, then go back to tell what happened before- “flashback”? If it employs “flashback”, at what point does the story start? * Some part of it creates flashbacks like when one of Odysseus men already turned into pig then Odysseus only found out when one his men who join the others to find for food tells them that the pig they were holding was one of them and not just an ordinary pig. b. Does the author create suspense by breaking off the story at a critical point to introduce comment or description? * For me its no. because I doesn’t observe anything that breaks of the story at a critical point. The story just flows well and good. c. Is the story probable as a whole? Are there any probable incidents? * Yes it is. It describes the whole story and nothing more to be adding because it just went good and complete. d. What is the inciting force? Are there several such forces? Point them out. * No there is none. Because every bit of the movie is needed to be seen or watched to understand the whole movie. e. At what point is the climax or turning point?

* It is when Odysseus returns to his kingdom then with his son, then they plan for a battle which will choose who will be the next king then in the room, Odysseus with his son, kill all the men who ruined his kingdom and trying to steal his throne and wife. f. Is it a “closed” or “submerged” plot or “open” plot? * It is a open plot.

i. Characterization
a. Who is the “hero”? What are his chief traits of character? For what may he be admired? * The hero in the movie is no other than Odysseus and his traits to be admired is the courage, faithful, smart though his pride is sometimes as tough as a wall. b. Is there a “villain”? If there is one, what are some of his characteristics? Does he have any good points? * I think there is no villain in the story. It is just about the Greeks and nothing more. c. Point out some examples of analytic characterization. How does it add to the story? * The character of Odysseus which is superhuman because he can do hard things that no ordinary man can do. d. Did any character change in the story by becoming wiser, braver, and more villainous? Which are changed? Why did he change? * Yes and it is Telemachos, the son of Odysseus. From a spoiled little brat he became a strong warrior that has enough courage to face whatever happens or comes when he was finding his father. He change for the sake of his kingdom his father and also for his mother. e. Did the characters act in a believable way? What makes you think so? * Yes. They perform their roles perfectly because the audience can connect to the feeling, thought and minds of the actors and actresses.

vi. Situation
a. Point out a particular good passage of description. Show how it serves as a more than simple description; that is, show how it creates suspense or mood. * It is when Penelope the wife of Odysseus said to his son Telemachos that of his father couldn’t return to their kingdom when he reaches maturity, and then the queen would choose a king in behalf of the loss of King Odysseus. b. Point out examples of description as a dramatic background, as when a fight takes place during a storm, or lovers meet by moonlight. Does the action harmonize with the background or contrast with it. * One example is when Odysseus with his men fight with the strong waves to save their lives which is cause by the anger of the god of sea and the event said harmonizes to the background itself. c. What is the geographical location of the story? Does it shift? * The location in the movie wasn’t stable. Because sometimes they were on sea, land, forest, island and in kingdom in the middle of the forest. vii. Style

a. Does the author use unfamiliar words? Cite some examples. * The name of the characters can be the unfamiliar words like Calypso but then there are other words such as palladium, pillaged, fend and many more. b. Does the author mention remote historical or mythological persons or events cite some examples and tell how they add to the total effect of the story? * The author uses some characters like Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Homer and many more which add more intense and exciting scenes to be watched in the movies c. If a dialect is used, is it hard to understand? What is gained by its use? * The dialect can be hard to understand but of course it depends on how the audience will react and understand the scenes or actions. d. Does the dialogue seem natural? Is it stiff and awkward? Do the characters seem to be talking at the level we expect of them? If they are uneducated, do they sound it? * By the attitudes, faces and dictions, the dialogue use in the movie was natural for me. Because I didn’t find it hard for them to narrate and tell the lines they were going to tell. e. Does the author make epigrams/ short sentences filled with meaning that might serve as quotations? Cite some examples. * Yes. When Zeus was talking to Odysseus he said “Look you now, how ready mortals are to blame the gods. It is from us, they say, that evils come, but they even of themselves, through their own blind folly, have sorrows beyond that which is ordained. [35] Even as now Aegisthus, beyond that which was ordained, took to himself the wedded wife of the son of Atreus, and slew him on his return, though well he knew of sheer destruction, seeing that we spake to him before, sending Hermes, the keen-sighted Argeiphontes,1 that he should neither slay the man nor woo his wife; [40] for from Orestes shall come vengeance for the son of Atreus when once he has come to manhood and longs for his own land. So Hermes spoke, but for all his good intent he prevailed not upon the heart of Aegisthus; and now he has paid the full price of all.” Airish A. Magpili

IV- Archimedes

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