Investigative Report

Topics: Cymbopogon, Citronella oil, Cockroach Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Chapter 2:Review of Related Literature

A.Definition of Terms
1.Citronella-They are usually essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon.It is usually used as soap,candles,and insence. 2.Wormwood-lovely,silvery,bushy appearance that repels moths,intestinal worm,slugs,and flies 3.Mint-An endangered mint plant from Florida,it has been found to be a very powerful insect repellent. B.Background Information-

1. Foreign Background- Cockroaches are one of the oldest groups of insects. They prefer food sources such as starches, sweets, grease and meat products, but other items may include cheese, beer, leather, glue, hair, starch in book bindings, flakes of dried skin or decaying organic matter such as plant or animals (Barbara , 2008). About 4000 species are known worldwide and there are four kinds of cockroaches that can infest homes which are German cockroach, brownbanded cockroach, American cockroach and Oriental cockroach (Horner , 2000). American cockroaches (Periplaneta americanus) is one of the largest species of cockroaches found and is categorized as pests. Periplaneta americanus known to carry human pathogens, such as Salmonella and Eschrichia coli, which can result in human diseases, such as food poisoning or diarrhea and also have become increasingly recognized as a potent indoor allergen, especially in inner cities (Horner , 2000) . Products of Periplaneta americanus infestations, including saliva, feces and cast skins, can irritate allergies and asthma in people, especially children (Darman S., 2005). Due all those problems they can cause, many efforts have been taken chemically and the chemical things should be handled with care as it can cause food contamination and adverse effects on our bodies (Rust ,1999). According the regulations of United States Patency, a cockroach repellent should be comprising a non-toxic, non-noxious, non-corrosive compound that is substantially odorless to humans and organisms...
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