inventory system

Topics: Management, Computer, Business Pages: 5 (932 words) Published: January 30, 2014
A Development of Inventory System
Using Barcode Scanner

A Title Proposal

Presented to the Faculty of
Software Department of
Access Computer College


Albucar, Kieper I.
Bernal, Samuel L.
Floren, Glenn Mark B.
Balansag Jr., Darry P.
Madlang-Awa, Paolo T.

January, 2014
Main Problem

A manual inventory system relies heavily on the actions of people, which increases the possibility of human error. People might forget to record a transaction or simply miscount the number of goods. This results in needless additional orders that increase the company's inventory carrying costs and use up precious storage space. Inaccurate physical counts could also result in not ordering enough of a product, meaning the business could run out of a crucial item at the wrong time.

A disadvantage of manual inventory systems is that they can be highly labor-intensive to operate. They require continuous monitoring to ensure that each transaction is accounted for and that products are maintained at the appropriate stocking levels. It is also more difficult to share inventory information throughout the business, because the lack of computerization makes accessing inventory records a more cumbersome process. The time spent monitoring inventory levels could be used on more productive activities for the business.

Specific problem

Registers and logs with good design are difficult. Summarizing data and writing reports take lot of time, cost- time is money and employees data duplication: the same data gets repeated over and over since the workers find it hard to keep track of the documents, information and transactions. Lack of security: since data is stored in filing cabinets it is freely available to anyone. If information falls into the wrong hands it can be used against the company and customers and can blackmail them. Common errors: when entering data customers might have accidentally switched details and data since it is hand written. Inconsistency of data: there will be unavailability for future use, since data might get misplaced during manual filing. So data won’t be preserved properly for future use.

Repetition of work: if there are any changes to be made, the data will have to be entered again. At times the worker would forget to make the changes or forget that they had already altered it and might redo it again, it’s for a second time consuming. Too much paper work: since everything and every detail are written down manually in paper there will be too much paper work! Space consuming: since the data and paper is stored in filing cabinets it consumes too much place, as the amount of work done on paper increases the filing cabinets too increases. Slow retrieval of data: the information of customers and details are stored in different parts of the site and so takes a long time to retrieve the data. It takes a long time to find the information about a relevant person. In case of a Delivery, the delivery will be held back. This results in a sharp drop in sales, unhappy customers and a bad impression on the company.

Topic No. 1

I. General Subject Area
Application of Inventory System through Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel with Barcode Scanner.

II. Specific Topic
Implementation of Inventory System Using Barcode Scanner

III. Specifics of Research

A. Introduction

An inventory system is basically a process whereby a business keeps track of records of the goods and material available. In its simplest sense it can be done manually by a count at the end of each day. In this way it is possible to keep a record of the goods coming in to the business and goods being sold. However this is only really appropriate for small businesses that do not have a lot of stock. For larger business it is more likely that a computerized system will be required. B. Background of Study

This supports updating inventory information for all items,...
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