Introduction to China

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Introduction to China


Experience (Likes and dislikes) in China


I have been in China for more than two years. Early experiences in China and current experiences have a lot of differences. Early days I had so many funny experiences. I am going to start my paper with the funniest experiences. Here it is. When I was coming to China my friends told me that when you meet Chinese people they will say you 你好。You should reply the same. Then they will ask you 你吃饭了没有?You should reply 吃饭了。One day I met a Chinese guy. He told me 你好. I replied the same. Then he asked me 你叫什么名字?I replied吃饭了。And the guy stared at me strangely. At that time I did not know why, but now I know. Another day I went to a restaurant to have my lunch. When I was coming back I met someone and he also greeted me 你好. I replied so. Then he asked me 你是哪国人?I thought he was asking me whether I have taken my meal or not. So, as usual I said 吃饭了。Then he thought for a while and said “yes, yes I know where the Chifanle country is. It is in Africa, isn’t it?” I said “No, it was in restaurant” because I thought he asked me where I had my lunch. It was totally a mess. Still now when I remember this I burst out laughing.

My likes and dislikes about China:
People in the same situation can describe an object positively or negatively due to difference in perception. So, what can be liked by one may be not by another one. However, as I am asked to provide some of my likes and dislikes in china, I am providing it from my perception. My objective is neither to hurt nor to please anyone. If someone is glad to hear my likes it is my pleasure and if someone is hurt I am extremely sorry.

My likes
* I like the helping tendency of Chinese people. When I came to china I was in trouble in the beginning. I did not find anybody with whom I can speak in English and be understood. But I was really astonished that they were trying to find some way to help me. I was really happy...
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