Introduction of Tea

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Chapter 1
Tea, however has been a beverage in China as early as 10th century BC. Many nations throughout history have savored it and some of them are China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Greece, India, Iran and Turkey.

Also, aside from being considered as a run of the mill drink, tea presents supposed health benefits. Some authorities say that drinking tea allegedly helps in preventing cancer. Of course, there are detractors who say that drinking tea can also cause coronary disease. Some even say that the consumption of various forms of tea results in acute liver damage. Considering all of these, tea, therefore can be divisive.

There is, however, another way that people uniformly view tea: it can ba a viable product or business. In fact, almost all restaurants in the country offer Ices Tea. Nestle makes money out of Nestea. Tea indeed is a profitable business venture.

Nowadays, there is a new tea craze sweeping the metropolis. People line up to savor this new incarnation of tea. Some even spend more than 30 minutes just to drink this new fad. It is milk tea. ---------

What's your comfort indulgence? A warm cup of coffee at the start of the day?Or maybe a mug of hot chocolate after a stressful week? For those of you who have a taste for unique, rich flavors and are craving something new yet familiar, there's a cozy little cafe that offers just the thing you need.

Nowadays, beverages are one of the most popular hangouts among adults and young adults or those whom we call “yuppies” or young urban professionals. This is the place where they can have the opportunity to relax, unwind after an exhausting week of work.

The emergence of new beverage establishments is also evident these days. As a result, tight competition arises among beverage establishment. Competition among beverages should not be the only focus of attention of beverage managers. They also have to consider the effects of the continuing economical crisis that we are experiencing today and how they will be able to handle difficult situations up with it so that their business will continue it’s operation and not be affected.

The uses of promotional strategies are very famous among beverage establishments. This helps them attract more potential customers. It is also a business strategy that they can use to be able to context the tight competition, face the continuous worsening of our economy and at the same time be able to give their customer’s satisfaction in the products and services they are availing.

This study is focus on promotional strategies employed by the selected Happy Lemon branches. The establishment was chosen because of the interest of the researcher which is a field of study of the researcher. Similarly the topic promotional strategies are one of the practices, most popular and common among beverages establishments to attract their customers, which the researcher should be familiar with as future entrepreneurs.

Review of Related Literature
A.   Milk Tea in The Philippines
In the past year, tea shops are increasing all over the metro, effectively cementing its place as the biggest food/beverage trend of 2011. According to Bianca Consunji and RonnaCapili, Milk Tea is more affordable than cold designer coffee.

B.   Milk Tea As a Business
Originally from Hong Kong, Happy Lemon was brought to the country by a group of Chinese-Filipino businessmen who have been friends since grade school and college:  Kelvin Gaisano, Kristine Gaisano, Smart Gilas player/TV host Chris Tiu, Andy See, Wesley Pardilla, and Edward Go. The young entrepreneurs share a common love for milk tea. Since there are only a few restaurants which serve good quality milk tea in the Philippines, they went abroad in search for the best cup of milk tea. Then, Kelvin got an idea. “Why don’t we put up a milk tea business?” he suggested. All agreed. But finding the perfect brand to bring to the...
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