into the wild

Topics: Henry David Thoreau, Walden, Concord, Massachusetts Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: December 3, 2013

Happiness is only real when shared.

Chris Maccandless decided to leave his ordinary life and explore the wild .He just

graduated with a bachelor and was planning to go to law school. He had a saving of

24000 dollars but gave it to charity .At the beginning of the movie we can see that he had

problems with his parents. As the story evolved we understand what the issues were .

In his book “Walden” Henry David Thoreau said that he wanted to live in the wild to

“learn what it had to teach”, “to live deliberately” and “to live deep and suck out all the

marrow of life”. I think that Maccandless did not go into the wild for the same reasons.

Even though he wanted “to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life” he

did not go to the wild for the same motives as Henry David Thoreau. Maccandless

wanted to live away from his parents. They were not very loving and sometimes violent.

In a few scenes, we see how they hated each other’s but stayed married for money. When

he went on his journey, he could start as a new man and forget about his disturbing past.

Thoreau did not mention anything about issues with his family, just the desire to live free

and to learn form the wild.

In my opinion, MacCandless experiment was not successful at all. By being apart from

his family, he realized that “happiness is only real when shared” which is in contrast to

why he decided to live into the wild. The best moment of his experiment was not when he

was alone in Alaska but when he met some friends. He had like a son -to-parent

relationship with the hippie couple. In theses scenes he was really happy but when he

went to Alaska he kind of became crazy.(due to loneliness.)

The death scene is hard to watch because he is not happy in his last moments. He realized

that he was wrong, that family was the most important thing in life and not living...
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