Interview of a Social Service Agency

Topics: Mediation, Dispute resolution, Social work Pages: 4 (1361 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Interview of a Social Service Agency

Advocates play an important role in the course of empowering individuals who require support to exercise his or her rights, and advocates create awareness in the public concerning the problems. An advocate takes on the role to speak and stand for an individual or group in need. The advocate becomes the voice of the disadvantaged or discriminated population to stop the oppression. Advocates offer assistance and information concerning the person’s rights, listens, ask questions, and much more. The advocate is the person who is there only for the disadvantaged and discriminated population to help explore alternatives on how to achieve, maintain, and protect their interest. The following will discuss the interview of Mr. Rosen an advocate for elders and entail further information on the use of advocacy and mediation within a social services agency. Interview

I interviewed a county worker with in-home supportive services. Mr. Rosen has been an advocate for years because his mother was mistreated in a home for the disabled. The support of the elderly provided by In-home supportive sources has allowed Mr. Rosen to keep his mother in the home and know that when he is gone at work she is cared for. As an advocate for the agency Mr. Rosen educates the public about knowing the signs of abuse the elderly face and speaking out against abuse. Mr. Rosen is an advocate for those who have no voice by continuously improving the standards of care givers and their responsibilities reporting a crime. Mr. Rosen explains that many of the elderly are neglected, can be taken advantage of, and mistreated by family or relatives. Caregivers have the knowhow and experience to detect abuse and put a stop to the cruelty. Mr. Rosen is an advocate but also plays an important role with the in-home supportive service agency by providing personal stories of inspiration and important facts about ensuring elder abuse stops and is...
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