Internet. a Blessing or a Question Mark .

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People believe anything they find online
The world has become a global village and, indeed, internet has played a major part in making it happen. Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. From shopping to entertainment and from news to homework, we have become so much dependent upon internet that we trust it blindly. Dependency on the internet is an outcome of added benefits that it provides to its clients and this forces the users to believe on everything they find online e.g. eases of communication, transaction facilities, and information access with minimum investment of efforts and money with in no time. Every technology has some negative aspects associated with it similarly, deliberate use of internet in mass deception is a major concern and many novice users can be targeted. It can be used to mislead people through fake news, scams and blogs. A fake new about Apple was broadcasted on the internet to check the public response on it and it was found that majority of the viewers believed what has been shown to them including some journalists without seeking any confirmation for the news5. First major reason that made masses rely on internet is it’s an efficient means of communication where they can share information with distant users within no time. Initially, internet was used for sending emails to global business clients, friends and family but with the advancements in technology such as different live calls software Skype, VOIP, Social Networking and Messenger services, communication via internet became more attractive and stronger. Gradually blog facility was initiated which made people believe on information shared by the bloggers. Blogging is one of the most potential ways of influencing public opinions and it can bring drastic change in the mass perception. A blogger debates on the current sociopolitical issues and it involves public opinion over the topic. Feedbacks given by masses depict their ability to comprehend the proposed...

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