Internet Connection Devices

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Internet Connection Devices

Jason Welk


Professor Kyle Kucera

Internet Connection Devices

The world as we know it today is largely run on computers. For most of us we use computers on a daily basis for personal emails, work, and even school. But in order for us to transfer information back and forth we need to be connected to the World Wide Web. We do so through the Internet Service Providers (ISP’S). These are individual organizations that maintain gateways into the internet and allow customers to access it on a per-use or subscription basis. The Internet Service Providers have two options when connecting to the internet. These options are dial up connections and direct connections. As we discuss the differences between the two options, the individual will have a better understanding of which connection will best suit them. Dial Up Connections

Dial up connections are the old way of connecting to the web. It is very slow and is rarely used today. Even though it’s slow and outdated it still does the job connecting you to the web. The Dial up connects to the web using a modem. A modem device is a modulator/demodulator which enables computers to communicate and transmit information through standard analog telephone lines. It converts computer digital information from the outgoing modem through telephone lines which translate the digital data into audio signals. The receiving modem will then change the analog signal back into digital code which gets received by the computer. Accessing the internet is done when your modem dials a phone number which then connects the computer with the Internet Service Provider. Determining the speed of the internet is primarily through the capabilities of your modem in which you are using. If you are looking to enhance your internet speed, another option for you is to install an Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN). This option is not technically a modem but a digital...

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