International Surrogacy

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Zhang, Kai Min P7

International Surrogacy (cons)
Thesis Statement
In today’s society, surrogacy is becoming a more and more popular and common issue. For many couples who cannot or unwilling to carry babies by themselves, surrogacy is the first choice to have their own babies and build a family. The legality of surrogacy is different for every country. There are countries that consider the birth mother as the legal mother while there are those that don't. Besides, a lower price of surrogacy in developing countries drives them to find surrogate mother overseas. Thus, international surrogacy has become increasingly popular. India is one of the few countries in the world where international surrogacy is available. I am going to against the international surrogacy because of some reasons. International surrogacy is immoral and causes the raise of legal disputes and human rights problems. Background of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is when a woman agrees to become pregnant and delivers a child for other people such as a couple who is unable to. The history of surrogacy can go back to a long time ago. But the modern surrogacy pregnancy got popular since the late 1970’s. In 1976, lawyer Noel Keane brokered the first legal agreement between intended couple and surrogate mother. It is marked the beginning of the modern surrogacy. There are mainly two types of surrogacy: the gestational and traditional surrogacy. In recent few years, with the development of techniques, people are tending to find surrogacy with a lower payment.

In some developing countries, such as India, the payment of surrogacy of India is much cheaper that in a leally complicated process in other countries. Commercial surrogacy has been legal in India since 2002. Because of the poor backgrounds and the flexibility and minimal regulations, commercial surrogacy and international surrogacy have been formed a big surrogacy market in India and some other developing countries. India is now considered as the world's leading surrogacy-related tourism destination where many foreigners are looking to have a woman to be a carrier of their child.

International surrogacy though cheap and has few limitations as compared to Europe countries or Untied States, it has been also brought some disadvantages. It causes human rights problems, immoral problems and legal disputes. Different laws and regulations between the country of the original couples and the country of surrogate mother, it makes the problems more complicated and hard to solve. Besides, it is not always definite that all fertilizations and surrogacy would be 100% successful. Argument

For more and more people seeking to become parents through surrogacy, the cost becomes a big consideration. They have not created clear policies and regulations for surrogacy and no protection for surrogate mothers. Without regulations, some moral problems and human rights problems cause the international surrogacy more controversial. I oppose the international surrogacy because those problems. There are three real cases to make you believe my position is rational.

There is a case about a Japanese couple who were arranged a surrogacy with an Indian surrogacy mother. According to the article “Commercial Surrogacy and Fertility Tourism In India-The case of Baby Manji”, the Japanese couple Ikufumi and Yuki Yamada traveled to India in 2007 to find a woman to carry a baby for them. The sperm is from Ikufumi Yamada and the egg is from an anonymous Indian woman. The embryo was then implanted into Pritiben Mehta who is a married Indian woman‘s womb. In 2008, baby Manji was born to the surrogate mother. However, a month before baby Manji’s birth, Yamada divorced. His ex-wife did not want to raise the child. Suddenly, the baby had three mothers—the intended mother who had contracted for...
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