International Marketing

Topics: Marketing, Toothpaste, Mentha Pages: 4 (993 words) Published: April 3, 2013
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Total No. of Sections: 3 Total No. of Pages: 03 Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 75 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (Specialization: Marketing)


i) You have to attempt the questions as per the instructions for this paper. ii) Carefully note the marks for each question.
iii) Write legibly and keep the length of the answer as per the weightage (in terms of marks) assigned to each question. DONOT be unduly short or long in providing the relevant details. iv) The question number of the answer to the question you are attempting must match with the corresponding question number in the question paper.

v) Cheating in any form is strictly prohibited.
vi) Failure to follow any of instructions will lead to deduction of marks for you. NOTE:
The paper is divided into 3 sections. You have to compulsorily answer Q1 & Q2 from Section – A. Select any 2 questions from Section-B and 2 more questions from Section-C. In all you have to answer 6 questions (2+2+2). Question 1 carries 12 marks, Question 2 carries 15 marks; other questions from Q3 to Q8 carry 12 marks each. SECTION – A ( 12 MARKS)

Read the following case study carefully and then answer the questions that follow: NATURAL THRUST

Balsara Hygiene Products Ltd., which had some fairly successful household hygiene products introduced in 1978 toothpaste, Promise, with clove oil (which has been traditionally regarded in India as an effective deterrent to tooth decay and toothache) as a unique selling proposition. By 1986 Promise captured a market share of 16 percent and became the second largest selling toothpaste brand in India. There was, however, an erosion of its market share later because of fighting...
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