Internal Terrorism in India

Topics: Terrorism, India, Indian Army Pages: 17 (5974 words) Published: October 11, 2010
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Introduction 01
Chronology of major incidents 04
Western india 04
Jammu and kashmir 05
Northern and Northwestern India 06
Northeastern india 10
South india 13
Challenges before India’s Internal Security 14
Internal strategy 16

Internal terrorism has been an ugly scene in India probably for as long as we have known. The independence war saw the nation split into two parts which led to not only blood shed but left a scar across the hearts of many. People who were living together were made to separate and more importantly ideologies were imposed and the immediate next generation exposed to hatred of the worst kinds. India then got involved in the problems of the eastern part of pakistan and freed bangladesh. What it brought about was another wave of resentment and more people added to the list of intolerants. The eastern states were not stranger to the problem of maosits, cry for gorkhaland and more! Jammu and Kashmir with time became the symbol of “war for independence” and with time internal disturbances else where became self determination symbols. The Punjab terrorism of the mid 80′s is a stark example of fundamentalism rearing to give it a go. Probably the only example where it was “contained” (am not proud of the way it was handled and what it became) yet the fundamentalism was throttled. There is something interesting i have observed, living in Punjab for close to 5 years, that the present generation living there does not have scars etched in them badly. No denying that since the terrorism has stopped now the present generation has a peaceful life, but also it is pertinent to note that the horrors of the past are not being made a part of the present understanding. The wars being fought everyday on the borders of India are no trivial matters. They are a total mis understanding of what “identity” is and what India stands as one nation. What have constantly fueled the wars are fundamentalist attitudes and the politically correct stands India has taken. Internal terrorists are people whose ideologies aren’t really their own but invariably based upon brain washed facts, stories, beliefs which they probably don’t even adhere to. What happened next was AFSPA, army batallions deployed to kill their own people, political decisions not being made and more broth making. There is no under standing of the term “self determination” of identity and extremist’s ideas that are fed, imposed, taught to the populace there become the bane for future generations. With terror spreading in the country at a critical level and day to day life being threatened by fundamentalists and the ever convenient use of “ideological standards” by sections whose strings are pulled by people who don’t have an idea on what “self identity” is! How can we deal with it?

1. Can we allow fundamentalism to rule the roost? That can answer a lot of this debate. When people show courage on a movie like MNIK it is a sign that the populace is ready to have its own opinion. We need to allow propagation of such opinions. Maybe the hype got to it but then again people showed that they had a mind of their own.

2. You cannot allow anything in segregation. Even when you have the leaders of such terrorist groups to deal with we have to remind ourselves that the population living there is not alien. They are people who are coerced, brain washed, threatened into believing and living an ideology which isn’t there’s. Constant dialogue sharing, confidence building, trust building has to happen with the populace living in these terror prone areas. We cannot fragment these people from the totality of being a part of one nation state. 3. Allow national interest to stay above personal conflicts and therefore hard steps have to be taken. If it is the army which can sort it out then politics has to give way to...
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