The intellectual, social and religious effects of the Scientific Revolution on the West.

Topics: Renaissance, Science, Scientific method Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: January 17, 2006
Europe went on through different changes in society from 1450-1750; many factors surrounding it made impacts on it. As time goes on revolutions, occur because there is always change. Nothing can stay the same forever and with this there is always a cause and effect. When the Scientific Revolution came across the West it made changes and affected Europe as a whole, socially, intellectually, and religiously.

Among all the other events that took place from 1450-1750, one of the largest in this time period is the Scientific Revolution. Intellectually, there are many people in the Western European societies that made advances and there remained mass support for traditional beliefs throughout the religious aspects. Also, science became the most important during this time period as the Scientific Revolution took place. Europeans studied their environment and only understood their environment in scientific terms.

The Science widespread throughout Europe rapidly when the printing press was invented. Scientific theories acquired rapid circulation among the educated elite of Europe. The social government was affected massively because they patronized teachers for the distribution of scientific knowledge. Witchhunts came along and tied in with the Scientific Revolution; science being met with distrust in a system of laws through which nature could be controlled and understood. Technological inventions such as the printing press wres being developed. With more inventions the easier life would be, so for the society they created more tools and making more money and made things easier which made them stronger economically. Along with how the Economy rose during this time, Religious aspects effected the West.

In the West, religious power went through major changes. The Protestant Revolution occurred government control of church lands in their territory; the pope lost the absolute authority he had over Europe. The Scientific Revolution had a great negative effect on...
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