Topics: Community, Nutrition, Neighbourhood, Hunger, Malnutrition, Psychology / Pages: 2 (450 words) / Published: Jul 26th, 2013
Andrey Delgado
After listening to King’s speech, several points really stood out to me. Primarily, he used repetition to reinforce points to his audience. I believe this helped immensely in making the speech memorable and meaningful. Also impactful about the speech is the manner in which King delivers it. His voice projects passion and emotion, and he mentions his personal family and loved ones as examples of what he dreams of. This makes it much more relatable and personable, which help to further connect with his crowd.

Speech – “Avoiding Child Hunger Through Community”
16.7 million Children under 18 are unable to consistently access nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. (Feeding America) Not only do I believe this is unacceptable, but I also believe it is fully avoidable. As a community, we must learn to do a better job of taking care of ourselves and others. We must learn to place the common good above that of our personal good. We must learn to see past color, class and religious lines. We have to learn to look out for each other and help a neighbor in need. When we can do this, and return to our natural human element, we can eliminate child hunger and malnutrition.
I stress the importance of the community because this is the starting point; it’s the foundation of help. While initiatives can come down from state and federal levels, they are never as accurate or efficient as those on the community level. By avoiding transportation costs and items having to be non-perishable, we are able to give back more with less overhead expenses. Buts its more than that. We must learn to embrace our communities as family, and extend a hand in every way possible. If your mother was hungry and you had more than sufficient food, would you leave her to be hungry? Of course not! This is the same way we should begin to look at our communities and children. By helping one another out as if we were family,

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