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Topics: Association football, Indoor soccer, Football Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: April 4, 2013
At first, to someone who has never played indoor soccer or outdoor soccer, the sports may look the same. But look more closely, and many differences will be very apparent. Most people are very familiar with outdoor soccer. Outdoor soccer is played in two forty minute halves with eleven players on the field at a time. The eleven players are divided into four different categories; a goalie, defenders, mid-fielders, and offenders. Also on the field are three referees; two of them watch the sidelines and call out of bound and offside plays. The last referee watches the rest of the players on the field and can call tripping, slide tackling, or other illegal plays. An outdoor soccer field is 100 yards in length and can be made of real grass or Astroturf. Like every sport, outdoor soccer has rules. For instance, in order to sub players, the ball must be in the possession of the team subbing or a neutral ball. Also in outdoor soccer, players can be called off sides. Off sides is where an offender from one team is in front of the defenders of the opposing team. Last of all, in outdoor soccer, the ball can be kicked out of bounds, resulting in a corner kicks, throw ins, or goal kicks.

Indoor soccer is also played in two halves, but they are twenty five minute halves with six players on the field at a time. The six players are also divided into the same four categories. On the field there is only one referee that watches the entire game and calls all the plays. An indoor soccer field is very small and made of Astroturf. When playing indoor soccer, there are not as many subbing rules. Players can sub whenever they want and as often as they want. Indoor soccer has no off sides and out of bounds plays are when the ball hits the ceiling or the nets that surround the field. When the ball hits the ceilings or nets, the opposing team will receive possession of the ball. Some may argue that outdoor soccer is better then indoor soccer because outdoor soccer has longer...
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