inherit the wind

Topics: Evolution, Scopes Trial, Inherit the Wind Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: September 25, 2013

Science vs. Religion
Inherit the wind is the movie about the Scopes trial which took place in 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee. The Scopes trial was between the Christian belief of creation and Darwin’s theory of evolution. A school teacher named Bertram Cates was arrested from the high school where he was teaching the Darwin’s theory of evolution. This was because at that time of period it was against the law to teach about human creation unless it was from the Bible. The movie shows how the arrest of Cates was gaining attention throughout the country and lot of people were getting hurt by the fact but one man who was troubled the most was Matthew Harrison Brady. Matthew Brady was devout Christian and a politician who ran for presidency twice. He was so troubled that he decided to prosecute the case himself. He was welcomed by the people of the town with march and band and by lot of people showing their support to him. This is interesting because latter in the movie the same people were not willing to listen to him. He made a speech after arriving to the town and told the people that he will bring Cates to justice. During the same gathering the reporter E.K. Hornbeck that his newspaper was providing Cates a lawyer named Henry Drummond who was good friend of Matthew Brady. Drummond arrives in very simpler way in the bus and welcomed by only one person who is Hornbeck. The movie has some interesting scenes like when Drummond was sitting on the porch Brady went to him to talk and then Drummond told the story about the rocking horse, the golden dancer, that he wanted so bad when he was little kid but his parents couldn’t afford it at that time but after saving for some time he got that horse as present for his birthday but it broke the first time Drummond tried to ride it. Drummond is comparing the kid with the people of Hillsboro who want something so bad but what if everything broke. In the...
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