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Topics: Iran, Islam, Zoroastrianism Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: April 25, 2013
I. Today I’m going to talk about my lovely country Persia, which we know it as Iran now. Here is a video that shows how great we were and how we are now. II. Not the nuclear power but, Iran’s history from 300,000 years ago until now. III. Iranian people were a very peaceful nation through the history but same as the other great histories something make it change. IV. So there is a transition in Iran history and we can divide its history to Iran’s history during the Achaemenid Empire, Iran’s history when Islam enters to it and Iran in present time. Transition: how great was Persia? And when Persia was at the peak of glory? Body

I. Iran’s history during the Achaemenid Empire.
A: we were peaceful people during the history and the evidence for this is the first human rights document word (Cyrus Cylinder) by Cyrus the Great one of the Achaemenid Empire king. 1. What is Achaemenid? Achaemenid Empire was the greatest Empire in the Persia’s history from 550-330 BCE, and Cyrus the Great was founder and the greatest king in this Empire. 2. Cyrus the Great was so kind and he did a lot of things for the people of his land. One of his slogans was: “I live to help people, not rule over them”. Now a day the Iranians have regarded him as “The Father”. B: As you saw on the video, Iran was a great country and a lot of country like Armenia, part of Afghanistan, Turkey and Iraq were not existed at that time and they were part of Iran’s Empire and because Cyrus was king at that time everyone lived in a peace. C: One of the greatest accomplishments of Cyrus the great was freedom of the religion and he was Unitarian. 1. Cyrus had a general policy of religious tolerance throughout his vast empire. He believes that one of the reasons for the war is religion, so he let everyone has their own faith and respect them. Transition: 700 years after Achaemenid Empire, Sassanid Empire defeated from Islam army and...
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