Information Technology Governance

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Large companies are often complex in themselves, however even with the best of circumstances, influences both internal and external frequently wreak havoc upon the organization itself. Patchwork fixes, quick workarounds and modifications can often leave systems unruly and vulnerable.
This more often than not results in unnecessary and cumbersome trials to not only maintain the existing system but also to ensure the add on does not adversely affect the surrounding systems.
In addition to this, data is regularly moved from one place to another and consequently may be fractured or corrupted.

In times of volatility such as the recent global financial crisis, companies must put into perspective the necessity of altering their strategies and their long-term goals. Information technology can play a pivotal role in facilitating such changes in the way that the business operates and brings products or services to market. As these companies plan their strategies to weather the difficult period, they should in turn, also consider the possibility of utilising this time for change to amend their information technology infrastructure in a way that can promote innovation and ingenuity targeting new areas for growth.

When being audited, looking solely to the information technology department to cut costs can often turn out to be a fruitless endeavour. A combination of information technology input and business direction can achieve a greater level of efficiency and ultimately produce greater savings over simple budget cutting. By bringing together leaders from both information technology and other business areas, communication is increased, existing issues are brought to attention and solutions can be collaborated on to find better outcomes than just cutting existing costs. Whilst simply removing expenses may help in the short term, increased flexibility, accelerated entry of products into the market and increased efficiency and effectiveness will not only

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