Information Technology and Innovation at Shinsei Bank

Topics: Project management, Scientific method, Systems analysis Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Due Wednesday, 10.01.14

Part 1:
Read “Chapter 13: “Making a Business and Financial Case” in the text book “Business Analysis”, 2nd edition by Debra Paul, Donald Yeates and James Cadle. The book is available for on-line access at the Northeastern Library – Read Chapter 1 of the “Systems Analysis and Design, Fifth Edition” book, pages 23-34 (Feasibility Analysis). The book is available online - Review Business Case example and Requirements document template posted on Blackboard.

Part 2:
Read the Harvard Business Case: "Information Technology and Innovation at Shinsei Bank". Analyze the problem and consider issues related to solution design and the role of CIO.

Write a 1-2 page report that provides a response to the CEO of Shinsei Bank, Thierry Porte as if you were Jay Dvivedi. Make sure to describe your logic and rational for proposed solution. The report should have sections: 1. Project proposal background (explain why the project was initiated and what were this project’s goals). 2. Current situation (explain what were the main principles and standards instituted by Jay Dvivedi at Shinsei Bank). 3. Solution Analysis (Analyze proposed solution from both business and technology points of view). 4. Conclusions (What would be your answer to Thierry Porte and why. Please write your conclusions in bullet points format).

This business case can be purchased from the Harvard Business Online site at

Part 3:

1. Project topic proposal presentation: 1 – 2 PowerPoint slides to be presented by the team, describing the problem statement for the proposed project and project goals and objectives. 2. Project manager of each team to email the list of names of their team members, their roles and responsibilities on this project,...
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