Information Technology and Computer Education

Topics: Education, Computer, Information technology Pages: 8 (2476 words) Published: April 28, 2013

This article discusses the Roles of ITCE in education. Information technology and computer education (ITCE) at present are influencing every aspect of human life. They are playing salient roles in work places, business, education, and entertainment. Moreover, many people recognize ITCEs as catalysts for change; change in working conditions, handling and exchanging information, teaching methods, learning approaches, scientific research, and in accessing information. Higher education is approaching the point at which Science and Technology particularly Information and Communication Technology (ITCE), plays a vital role in nearly all phases of the educational process. The Internet has emerged as a major driving force of this dynamic development of Information and Communication Technologies (ITCEs) which has impacted positively in virtually every sector Therefore, this review article discusses the roles of ITCEs, the promises, limitations and key challenges of integration to education systems. This means, that the introduction and integration of ITCEs at different levels and various types of education is the most challenging undertaking.

ITCEs greatly facilitate the acquisition and absorption of knowledge, offering developing countries unprecedented opportunities to enhance educational systems in information technology. In order to use technology effectively, educators need to be trained in using technology and they need to develop a good understanding of it. Technology is used to enhance learning, therefore it is important for educators to be comfortable using it to ensure that students get the full advantages of educational technology. During a very short span of time it has acquired an important place in almost all aspects of human life and particularly in the field of education. India has taken some bold steps to adapt and absorb the advances in information technology. ITCEs have revolutionized the way people work today and are now transforming education systems. Electronic data communication is becoming the industry standard of transaction media and widely used in such areas as education, payment of bills, video conferencing, and group work collaboration, etc. One of the fastest-growing jobs in the industry today is any job that involves computers. Computers have become an everyday part of our lives: we use computers for entertainment, for fun, for work, or even for social interactions. Computer sciences and computer education can be a valuable way to get the most bangs for your buck when it comes to education. Considering all of these wonderful things, it might be worthwhile for you to get a job in computer science, or in IT services. Information and technology is a fantastic field that involves computers, software, and networking. This is a sufficient reason for ITCEs to win global recognition and attention. This indicates the growing demand and increasingly important place that (ITCEs) could receive in education. Since ITCEs provide greater opportunity for students and teachers to adjust learning and teaching to individual needs, society is, forcing schools to give appropriate response to this technical innovation. Failure to meet the challenges would mean a further widening of the knowledge gap and deepening of existing economic and social inequalities among the developed and the developing countries. Thus, the purpose of this review article is to discuss the benefits of IT use in education, in the enhancement of student learning and experiences of some countries in order to encourage policy makers, school administrators, and teachers pay the required attention to integrate this technology in their education systems.

A concise definition of information technology was sought by many participants. Recognizing the breadth of materials and concepts suggested by such an “umbrella” term, information technology was taken to represent the confluence of telecommunication, video, and...
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