Information Superiority

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Information Superiority

CPT Woodrow Anderson CAX Class 757
Information Superiority


To present the concept of information superiority and the drivers of success

Information Superiority


• FM 3-0, June 2001, Operations • FM 100-6, August 1996, Information Operations • Joint Publication (JP) 3-13, 13 February 2006, Information Operations • National Security Strategy, September 2002 • Joint Vision 2020 • Exploring Information Superiority, 2004 • Defense Information Superiority, GAO, August 1998 • Quadrennial Defense Review Report, Feb 2, 2006 Information Superiority


• • • • • • • • • Background Information Environment Characteristics of MIE Understanding Superiority Conditions of Superiority Contributors to Superiority Analysis Considerations Summary Conclusion 4

Information Superiority

• Information Revolution • National and International Events • National Security Strategy • FY2008 DoD Budget

Information Superiority


Information Environment
• Global Information Environment
– Interactive and pervasive – Includes all individuals, organizations, or systems that collect, process, and disseminate information – Outside the control of military or National Command Authorities

• Military Information Environment
– Contained within the GIE – Consists of INFOSYS and organizations that support, enable, or significantly influence a specific military operation – Friendly and adversary, military and non-military Information Superiority


Characteristics of MIE

Information Systems

Relevant Information and Intelligence


Information Superiority


Understanding Superiority
Information Superiority is…
• Achieving advantage • Management of an uninterrupted flow of information • Exploitation or disruption of an adversary’s management of information

For the purpose of…
• Executing decisions and taking action • Enhancing flexibility and agility • Maintaining initiative and shaping the fight Information Superiority

Conditions of Superiority
Informatio n Superiorit y

Collect, Process, and Disseminate Information (Knowledge)

Anticipate Changes in Information Needs

Deny Adversary’s Ability to Develop Knowledge and Anticipate Changes

Information Superiority


Contributors – ISR
• Intelligence
– Product of collection, processing, integration, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation – Information and knowledge about adversary

• Surveillance
– Systematic – Continuous – Includes all elements of the MIE

• Reconnaissance
– Collection – Validation – Enemy-Focused
Information Superiority

ISR Example – Satellite Technology
• 6 or 7 military spy satellites in orbit • High speed computer connections widely available • Global Positioning System (GPS) • Secure military commo (2 in service)

• Capable of resolving objects less than a foot in size • Images (high resolution) can be distributed fast and simultaneously • Possible to determine location anywhere in the battle space • Soldier is not tied to location or infrastructure 11

Information Superiority

Contributors – IM
• Analyzing information and requirements • Applying people, process, and technology

• Building common operational picture
• Enhancing situational awareness and understanding • Improving quality and speed of decision making Information Superiority

IM Example – Enron
• (April 2001): Earnings call. Richard Grubman, managing director of Highfields Capital Management, asks Jeffrey Skilling why Enron had not yet produced a balance sheet and cash flow statement at the time of its earnings report. Skilling calls Grubman an expletive. • (May 2001): Off Wall Street Consulting Group issues sell recommendation noting that Enron needed $2.1 billion of revenues to add one single penny to earnings per share. • (August 14, 2001): CEO Skilling resigns citing personal reasons. •...
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