Influence of Visual Media

Topics: American Idol, Reality television, The Bad Girls Club Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: July 26, 2013
Influence of Visual Media
Visual media is a big influence on American culture. Television itself has made an impact on what we look at as right and wrong in our culture. As a small child I can recall watching programs such as, Roseanne, The Cosby’s, and Full House to name a few. These programs represented what family life was or could be like and they were models of what Americans do or should live like. Programs like Saved by the Bell, or 90210, surely influenced teen behavior and fashion. We primarily idolized these figures and television and it became very much a part of who we were, and are today. Television also impacts how we come together as families. Certain programs such as American Idol, or a sports program, are known to bring groups of people together, whether it’s a weekday night in front of the television rooting for the best singer, or sitting in a crowded bar or pub shouting out obscenities at the opposing team. Now we have an uprising in reality Television, which is a big influence on our culture. Everyone has that famous person or celebrity whose style represents them, or who they struggle to be like. Reality television is an invasion in the lives of real people, and as Americans I feel that we are totally consumed with others people business. Reality TV is a first class ticket to get into other people’s business. The social influence of visual entertainment can be negative, but it can also be positive as well. You have certain programming aimed towards children and family, and then there is the other side of visual entertainment that is compromising, and explicit, and the audiences of both are broad. I think that is the reason we have the FCC, to regulate what is allowed to be shown on television and what should be monitored as well. Certain channels focus on the uplifting of certain groups like Oprah’s the Oxygen channel. While throughout the day they focus on programming focused on women, you have programs like the BAD GIRLS CLUB, that...
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