Induction Process

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Name of the Student: S.Praveen
Roll No: 097MB130
Need for the study:Induction Programme serves the purpose of removing fear, creating a good impression about the organization
& acts as a valuable source of information among the
new recruits.

Being a growing organization, I have undertaken this
study to improve the satisfaction level of the employees
and thereby using induction programme as a talent
retaining tool cum employee engagement tool.

Scope of the study:The study is an attempt to determine the effectiveness of induction programme and to standardize the induction
process at ELGI Equipments Limited, Coimbatore.

The research is designed to meet 100 new entrants
& obtain their valuable inputs and suggestions for
further improvisation.

Primary Objective: To study, improve & to standardize the Induction Programme at ELGI Equipments Limited.

Secondary Objective: To understand the Past & Present induction
Programme at ELGI Equipments Limited.

To analyze the various aspects involved in the
induction programme.

To gather inputs and suggestions from the new
entrants and their immediate managers at the end of
the induction programme.

To provide suggestions for further
Research Design: Descriptive Research
Population Study
Population : 100*
Type and Source of Data
Primary Feedback collected from new entrants through
oSecondary Journals, Articles, Books & Websites

(* May vary according to the number of new entrants joining ELGI Equipments Ltd, which will normally be +/- 20 numbers from the actual figure mentioned) ●Tools of Analysis: Percentage Analysis

Questionnaire Design (if any): Yes, A close ended 5 point Lickert Scale (enclosed)

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