Indian Festival

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Paragraph: Draft - 2

Topic: An interesting celebration from your culture.

Brain storming

Lighting up





Symbol of good over evil

Celebrated in other countries



Why Diwali is most interesting celebration

- Diyas, fireworks

- Gifts, sweets distribution

- Lighting decoration

Values of Diwali festival

- Family Unite

- Thanks giving and be generous

- Brings unity among people

- Victory of good over evil

Paragraph: Draft - 2

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the most interesting festival of celebration from Indian culture. Diwali is celebrated by lighting up diyas or small clay lamps which are filled up by oil and kept lighted. In addition, candles and fireworks are displayed to symbolize the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. Those who work away from home, return to unite and celebrate this festival with their family and friends. Children’s enjoy Diwali festival most as they get gifts, sweets, new clothes and most of their wishes are fulfilled by parents and grandparents. It is celebrated for 5 days and each day prayers and other religious rituals are performed during the festival. To conclude, Diwali is the most important celebration, as it reminds people how important it is to give thanks, to value family and friends, and empowers us to good deeds.

Reflection Question 1
1. What is the purpose of this task?
The purpose of this task is to write a paragraph starting with the Topic sentence, explain the topic, use the examples and evidence which forms supporting sentences and finally write concluding sentence. 2. What is required in terms of content and language features? Paragraph should have main Idea expressed in a Topic sentence.. The paragraph should be organized logically. Language used should keep the sentences linked. Academic language to be...
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