Indian Education System

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Essay on education system in the country

Education is one of the most important factors that lead to the development of a country and society as a whole. In case of a developing nation like ours a proper education system plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of the people .While we talk about the Indian education system we can easily divide it into three parts namely primary, secondary, and post graduation, where most people pursue the primary and secondary level of education the post graduation level is not very widely pursued for with the number of students growing by the day the need for larger amount of schools and colleges becomes all the more integral.

Bearing this in mind there have been more and more universities and schools erupting in the country but the quality of education deters. Though our country boasts of higher level education in world renowned universities like the IIM’S and the IIT’S it lacks quality education as far primary and secondary level education is concerned.

There are various factors that need attention like the student dropout ratio the student teacher ratio, availability of resources etc. The system being exam oriented makes it all the more difficult where employability of the candidate is concerned employers today find it really difficult to hire a candidate who is a mere gradate or at times at post graduate level, here comes the question that our country is rich as far human resources concerned but is the quality of human capital up to the mark. Hence its important to invite foreign universities into the country which would help revamp the education system and increase the level of interest among the students it will also help in creating quality education within the country considering the number of students that pass out each year. It will also ease of some pressure from students when it comes to seeking admissions in the top most colleges.

There is a high demand for certain academic courses and the supply...
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