Incremental vs. Comprehensive

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Incremental vs. Comprehensive Analysis
Sergio Robles, Lina Langford, Ricardo Cham and Iliana Durazo ACC/561
Allen Glenn
June 23, 2014

Incremental vs. Comprehensive Analysis
In a business setting, managers make decisions on cost effectiveness based on what information is provided to them. This day-to-day decision can lead to the success or failure of the business. Two types of analysis that a manager can use are incremental and/or comprehensive analysis. Incremental Analysis

Incremental analysis technique can be used to calculate specific cost related to a particular decision. An example of incremental analysis is a business decides to replace the old copy machine. Some of the costs that are related to the purchase of a newer model would be the toner, the electricity it consumes, and most important the time it will save employees by using more unique models(Investopedia, 2014). Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive analysis, “Refers to the complete analysis of every relevant aspect the company's financial operations” (B., J., 2014). When using comprehensive analysis it requires gathering more information. The information must be accurate for the results to be accurate. This type of analysis is most likely to predict the financial state of the company in the future. Characteristic of Incremental and Comprehensive Analysis

Five characteristics define incremental and comprehensive analysis. In the table below, we see the main features and differences between Incremental and Comprehensive Analysis: Characteristic
Incremental Analysis
Comprehensive Analysis
Informal Analysis
Formal Analysis
Integration with Business Strategy
They are loosely integrated with the overall business goals
They are tightly integrated with the overall business goals
Review of the Plans
The plans are reviewed continuously and are adapted to change depending on the circumstances. The plans are reviewed periodically and are adapted to change depending on the...

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