Increase of Tuition Fee

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Perpetual Increase of Tuition fee

Like any other individuals, we are pursuing our right in every ways, delivering our thoughts and standing for what is due. We live side by side of our political system; adhere to what is implemented, grasp what has been told and act supposedly. The people is the basic unit of the nation that should be valued, cared and needs be sustained to augment their knowledge and skills in order to have cooperation in uplifting the economy and the living situation of every individual.

Education is essential, basic and a must to a person for education is the source of knowledge and can improve you eventually as you step up in every stage that is prepared for a long time. The knowledge that has been thought will be passed down up to the next generation. It truly depicts that education is very treasure for everyone. This is something that can inform you from the lowest up to the highest information that could help you achieve your ambition and goals even how hard it is. But how is education be attained and sustained if it costs too high that even a single bar of it can’t be grasp? How could we possibly digest education when it is deprived to us because of costly tuition fee rate? Is education nowadays a right or just a privilege? Discussion:

Our country is indeed aiming for quality education. Every school promotes its unique and exquisite style of performance and in every State Universities and Colleges is having their center of Excellency. But on the other side of the story tuition fee is always increasing and again and again inflating. Majority of the settlers here in our country is having difficulty striving just to uplift the way of living they have. This could be the means of conflict between the students and the learning institutions. “Higher education for a better nation” but how our nation will be better if this education they offered can’t be afforded? Just in this time many of my fellow youth are...
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