Inclusive Practice

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Inclusive practice

Inclusive practice is about providing the support that people want in order to live their lives as fully as possible.
For example: When bed bathing an individual, by first gaining their consent, then talking to them: explaining what is happening/general conversation /asking them questions. This is inclusive practice. Also by encouraging them to do as much as they can, you are promoting their independence.
I once cared for a patient who was physically disabled and needed assistance with eating. One morning a colleague automatically started feeding the patient her breakfast. I informed my colleague that if you cut the food up and made sure everything was in reach, then the patient was capable of feeding herself.
Offering a range of menu choices is another example of inclusive practice : vegetarian option, soft diet, pureed, diabetic and high protein.
In an early years practice there is a policy of inclusive practice to make all the children reach their full potential. We use this practice to prevent or stop children feeling unwanted, not good enough, left in the dark, lost, small, nervous, worn down or have a negative self-image. This is important so a child can reach their full potential and be happy at the early years setting. In a case study I researched which included a story of a boy named Sam; who is developmental behind approximately two years. I saw how being part of an inclusive practice helped him develop. Sam was able to participate in group discussions with thanks to an aid which helped Sam sit up straight. Sam was able to run around with other children with aid from his walking frame, not only did this help Sam be more mobile so he could go and do things by himself but he could also interact better socially. This in turn helped his emotions develop. In the case study I saw how not only Sam reacted but how all the other children reacted and I was amazed to see them all treat Sam as if he was just as equal as them. However, they

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