In Recent Years Taiwan’s Birth Rate Has Been Among the Lowest in the World.

Topics: Demography, Population, Demographic economics Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Currently people around the island are concerned about Taiwan’s low birth rates in the past years. In recent years Taiwan’s birth rate has been among the lowest in the world. It is understood that people from different backgrounds may put different interpretations on the topic. When it comes to this hot topic, some people believe that the consistent low birth rates will produce an adverse impact on Taiwan’s economy while some advocate that the government is to blame for the issue and should take some effective measures to prevent the birth rate from declining. When faced with the topic of how population decline affects Taiwanese society, I have developed my own points of view as follows. First, a declining population announces a lower economic growth rate because fewer people mean fewer human resources an economy can put into the production. Second, a declining population will accelerate the aging of society, which in turn will impose heavier burdens on the younger generations. Finally, a declining pollution has a adverse impact on the implementation of the social insurance in that there will be less financial resources provided by the overall population. In light of the adverse impact on Taiwanese society, it is evident that the government and the public should at any cost try to raise Taiwan’s birth rate. In my opinion, we can try the following ways to raise the birth rate of Taiwan. First, the government should give first priority to improving young couples’ living quality. Many young couples are afraid or unwilling to have a child because they themselves can’t even live a decent life, let alone have a child. Second, the government should organize a variety of activities to encourage young people to get married. Once they get married, they are likely to have a child, whether they want to or not. Finally, the government should set up free daycare centers to take care of the babies and young children. Many young couples like to have children, but they are...
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