In her 1831 introduction to the novel, Shelley explained how she wanted to ‘curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart’. Do you think she achieves her aim?

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In addition to using the elements to foreshadow events, Shelley also uses various literary devices. One of the most significant of these devices is symbolism Shelley manages to foreshadow events with such things as the moon. The moon is considered in literary terms to represent the female form because of its monthly cycles just like a woman has. Often there is a full moon the novel then refers to a female character and more importantly to Victors beloved Elizabeth. When Elizabeth dies, not only does the weather change but also the moon is stated as beginning to descend this indicates a possible fall of a woman character. The moon is often described as pale and yellow alluding to sickness and characters demise in some way whether it is a moral demise or an actual death. The moon is also present before the monster appears, also the moon represents darkness as does Frankensteins monster. Further symbols used by Shelley are that of the Monster he represents Victors self hate in many ways. Firstly, his ugliness stands to represent Victors inner demons and secondly, his self-hatred for his filthy workshop of creation. Other literary devices such as alliteration are used throughout the novel in order to highlight certain things such as Murderous mark and fiendish finger in chapter 23 it is used in order to highlight the horror Victor is experiencing at the hands of the monster and it echoes throughout the paragraph keeping it vivid in the audiences mind. Onomatopoeia also adds great atmosphere and emotion to the novel as it adds great fear or drama to the scene. In chapter ten, Victor describes his surroundings and the cracking noise reverberating along the mountains. This particular use of onomatopoeia makes the reader sit on edge as the area is in solemn silence and the cracking of the thunder serves to scare and bring imaginations of a whip cracking. Personification is also a significant literary tool used by Shelley as she uses it constantly throughout the novel,...
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