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Faculty of Economic Sciences, Communication and IT

Chung Le Thi Thuy
Muhammad Usman Khan

A comparative study on distribution channels of textile and garment industry in Pakistan and Vietnam: The roles of Intermediaries


Handledare:Lars Haglund


Purpose and Execution – The purpose of this paper is to describe the distribution channel of textile industry in two difference countries, Vietnam and Pakistan. Mainly focus on the intermediaries and the services that this sector provides to the whole chain. Design/Methodology/Approach – To explore these issues, besides literature reviews on distribution channel and supply chain management, this paper also evaluate the quality of the services provided by intermediaries through cases study. Findings – Literature review marked the importance role of the median in the distribution channel. Together with analysed cases study in Vietnam, ...... Keywords –

1. Introduction
This Chapter explains different facts about the distribution channels and how distribution system affects the international business and we will explain that how we will limits our thoughts and also describe the usage of the research. 2. Background

2.1. International Distribution channel in Connection with Pakistani and Vietnamese distribution channel Export is one the vital part of the economy because it earns foreign exchange for the country and creates jobs and increases the GNP and GDP. Governments have their strategies to increase their exports by some institutions which are helping the exporters or by doing trade deals Internationally like WTO, Free trade agreements. Some time these strategies bring some conflicts like long term American blame undervalued Chinese currency. IF china undervalued its currency only reason is doing is to make their exports cheaper. As national markets expand and a new opportunities arise for satisfying consumer demand, greater specialization in distribution is evident both in level of distribution and in goods and services handled (Mallen 1996) Move rover, as the global marketplace expands, many multinational firms have influenced by mounting pressures to develop a worldwide communication, distribution and information network that facilities the free flow of information and goods across national boundaries (Min & Eom, 1994). The international distribution channels links towards the local distribution channels of Pakistan and Vietnam through different channels and with the help different organizations and the intermediaries. Exporting and importing from different countries need a lot of knowledge about the products, and a lot authentication to seller and buyer too. This models explain one the structure of the of the Company In United Kingdom which is relatively small company based on the services and outsources it’s all manufacturing to other company and working on making relationship. This model explains how they outsourced their manufacturing and how they manage to link domestic and global supply chain.

Source: Bruce, M., Daly, L., & Towers, N. (2004). Lean or Agile: A Solution for Supply Chain Management in the Textiles and Clothing Industry? International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 24(2), 151-170.

Source: Bruce, M., Daly, L., & Towers, N. (2004). Production Management, 24(2), 151-170.

In this model the Company 1 is directly sourcing the manufacturing to the outsource production units. This kind supply chain model need strong communication and strong relationship other it creates problems regarding to production time, quality issues and distribution problems.

Dickerson’s Textile Supply Chain
Source: Dickerson, K. G. (1999). Textiles and apparel in the global community (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.
Dickerson K.G comprehensively explains the supply chain of the global textile industry from raw cotton to the retails. These models...

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