Impressions In 'Bounce And Waste'

Topics: Family, Love, Emotion, Father, Sibling, Son / Pages: 3 (687 words) / Published: Oct 19th, 2015
The relationship between the two brothers in both opening numbers “Bounce” and “Waste” can be characterized as one with brotherly love and sympathy for each other’s past transgressions. In both opening numbers Addison and Wilson are overjoyed to see one another after years of separation. This suggests that despite the various criminal activities that Wilson manipulates Addison into, Addison’s love for his brother is enough to forgive Wilson for past actions. In these past actions involved Wilson persuading Addison to scamming many people from the Wilson’s vague hints in “Bounce” to the much more explicit acussiations by the disgruntled victims. Addison’s love for his brother and the Wilson’s frequient explotation of htat knowledge to commit …show more content…
It would seem that the greatest indication of the mood of the opening number would be the perspective used in the song. In the “Bounce opening number, the perspective is seen through the eyes of the brothers who view their crimes with indifference. By seeing no flaws with their activities, the mood is light and optimistic. This contrasts the tone brought forth by the opening number “Waste” whose jaunty and upbeat beat melodies offer an ironic counterweight to the sardonic lyrics. Viewed through the victims of the brother’s various scandals, the tension filled atmosphere can be felt thoughout the song as the Mizner brother’s victims rain down their cacophonous accounts with fervor. These testimonies shows the audience the real personalties of the Mizner brother and their scandalous activities. This is why Sondheim revises the “Bounce” opening number to the “Waste” opening number. By providing the victims a perspective in the song and shifting the focus from the pair of brothers to Addison, the audience is able to understand the premise and themes of the musical in a way that “Bounce” never could

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