Importance of the Planning Stage

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Importance of the Planning Stage
Pamela Grey
ORG 300-4: Applying Leadership Principles
Colorado State University Global Campus
Steven Kahla PhD.
September 7, 2013

Importance of the Planning Stage
Planning is a crucial step to ensuring a successful project. In the planning stage, goals for the project are set. Measurable steps towards the goal are defined. Resources are determined and allocated. How are all these steps accomplished? By asking questions and discovering the answers to those questions. The most important part of any planning stage, or successful project even, is to ask as many questions as can be thought of to uncover all potential needs, problems, and hiccups. Brainstorming

The first step to planning is brainstorming. “Brainstorming is a process for developing creative solutions to problems” (Clark, 2010). This is the time to generate as many ideas as possible. No matter how unusual an idea sounds don’t throw the concept away because it may blend with another idea and become the most effective solution. So what are some of the key questions that should be answered while brainstorming? What is the end goal of the project? Will this improve the organization in some way? These questions will help to identify if this is a project that the organization should pursue. “What are all the ingredients necessary for its successful execution? What are all the possible forces or events that could hinder or destroy it” (Army Handbook, 1973)? These two questions will get the creative juices flowing and will help identify what resources will be needed as well as any potential problems that may occur during the project. Detailed Planning

Once brainstorming is complete, a detailed plan must be created to turn the ideas from brainstorming into reality. The basic questions to ask during this period is who, what, when, where, how, and why. Who is going to do each task? What will happen if we don’t do a task? When is the project going to start...

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