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Increasing Patient Reporting as a Collaborative Effort

Increasing Effective Patient Reporting as a Collaborative Effort


In order to increase effective reporting, communication is evident as a collaborative effort between the interdisciplinary team by rounding. Delegation is also a commutative effort by nursing, physicians and auxiliary staff. Both processes are very important to enhance patient safety and improve patient outcomes. Both interests should be implemented to increase staff retention rates also team building that is key to a successful flow in patient care. Peer Review:

The goals to be discussed in the body of this paper relate to increasing patient safety goals in nursing. It is evident that communication is the key to decrease patient incidents. The first smart goal is to improve communications between physician, nursing and auxiliary staff by rounding. We will examine the pro and cons of standardizing this practice. We will review a pilot program by experts who are working in the field of study and a group of nurses who have implemented the program with statistics in relation to decrease patient events. To offset how to implement nursing rounding we will examine a program that institutes multidisciplinary forum. This procedure ensures accuracy with orders and improvements noted in patient care. The program is researched by a physician over a year in the United Kingdom. The research was conducted in two regional hospital with experience participates, the article do not note which specialty was indicated in the pilot study.

The Second smart goal is to improve nursing delegation skills with auxiliary staff by increasing effective communication with team building. The purpose is to increase positive relations between nursing and patient care technicians by evaluating each specialty purpose to complete the job as a team. The patient care technician works closely with nurses to complete patient centered task. In the facility I currently is employed the staff shortages plays a big role in burn out for bed side professionals, with this in mind it is very important staff maintain open dialogue to be effective decreasing stressor of burn out. In so many facilities patient care technicians has complain that there not getting enough assistance from nursing staff or with relaying messages about patient observations the nurses are not follow up, however nurses has complained that the patient care technicians are hiding and not completing task. I would like to examine why and close the gap to increase a positive working environment that will enhance patient care and decrease burn out and turn- over of staff.

Peer Review Article: 1
The first journal up for discussion is a Guide to Developing Nursing Grand Rounds, written by a group of practicing critical care nurses using evidence-based practice as focus. The focus was to implement the practice in other facilities. According to the article, the practice has been cited since 1960, although, little information has been published (1. pg. 57). Nursing ground rounds is a patient centered goal instituted to improve care with a holistic approach that involves the interdisciplinary team. Information states the project was designed to increase retention and obtain magnet status. Medical grounds rounds are physicians and management in attendance; however the bedside nurse is not involved. The studies provided information regarding improving nurse professionalism, by examining nursing care given and break this care into message that would be shared with other nurses and disseminated among

their peers (1, Pg. 56). This philosophy improved learning and critical thinking skills in coordination with the novice and the expert. A pilot program was instituted in an inner city medical center in Ohio critical care unit. The article mention the outcome...
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