importance of project management

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Project management is vital for business success | Business | Subject areas | Publishing and editorial | BCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

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Project management is vital for business success

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January 2013

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In today’s challenging economic environment,


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senior management needs to understand the fundamental supportive and strategic role that

BCS Entrepreneurs

project management plays in business.

Digital leaders

If companies are to pursue their plans for stability and

Hardware, software and games

management as a functional activity and place it at the


Nissan joins the race to produce driverless cars planners share the responsibility to engage better on a business basis with

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growth they need to cease seeing project core of their business processes. At the same time, project managers and senior executives.

Internet and communication

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IT management

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We must disabuse ourselves of the notion that project management is limited to

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specific industries, such as construction, engineering and manufacturing, indeed

Learning and development

it is relevant to these industries but not only these. What successful business

The quest for better w ork planning
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would admit that they pay scant regard to resource, time and progress

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